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Fantastic start for Sheffield's latest outdoor space

Pounds Park, a city centre pocket park located within Sheffield’s Heart of the City, has enjoyed a successful opening period since being launched on Monday 3 April. Thousands of visitors have headed to the park to enjoy the early spring sunshine, with young children enjoying the slides and other facilities in the family focused play area.

Pounds Park sits at the core of Heart of the City surrounded by new buildings including 38 Carver Street (flexible workspace), Kangaroo Works (PRS) and Elshaw House, the city’s first net-zero carbon office building. Named after John Charles Pound, the first Chief Fire Officer of the former fire station that previously occupied the site, the park signals another milestone reached in the £470 million regeneration scheme undertaken by Sheffield City Council and Queensberry as Strategic Development Partner. Project Director Andrew Davison said: “It’s fantastic to see just how many people have made the journey to see Pounds Park this past week. Its a totally new offer for this part of the City." “We were confident that the park would be well received but seeing the numbers enjoying the space already has been overwhelming. From children running around the play area to city centre workers enjoying their lunch in the sun, it’s rewarding to see that the places we are making add real value to their local communities.” You can visit Pounds Park from 08:00 – 20:00 which is currently accessible to the public from Rockingham Street and Carver Steet.

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