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"We develop, regenerate and repurpose across the UK"

Our Purpose

Paul Sargent


At Queensberry we genuinely want to make the world a better place to live in. We believe in the positive impact of great design on community wellbeing. Our mission is to improve quality of life in the towns and cities we work in by promoting their physical and economic transformation. We want to share our knowledge of development, our vision and our love of what we do.

Masterplanning & Visioning

Development Delivery

Asset Management 

What we know...

People often say 'stick to what you know' - these are the things we know well.


1972_CarverSt_Sheffield_Charter Sq Approach_edited_edited.jpg



Retail &



We do things our way

If you’re a fan of boxing, or simply a supporter of fair play, you may know that  Queensberry Rules are the historic principles of the sport. In popular culture these rules represent the values of sportsmanship.

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