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A new look for a new era

If you’re reading this, then you have already seen our relaunched website. Along with a refresh of our brand, our new look is now live for the world to see.

For Queensberry of old, red was the perfect colour to represent our bold trailblazing approach to our new business. While we continue to be bold industry leaders and move into our 13th year, our focus and outlook have matured. We are always evolving, and green now better reflects our sustainable, design-led, and considerate approach to development.

This is also true with our new website. Designed in-house for the first time it’s now easier than ever to find out about our purpose, meet our team, check out our projects and find out the latest news.

Our new crisper look reflects exactly who we are and where we are as a business; and we’re proud of how we collaboratively worked on it as a team, as we do across all our work.

Paul Sargent, Queensberry’s Founder said: “It’s very important to ensure your window to the world reflects correctly how you feel as an organisation and how you wish to be perceived by others looking inwards.

“At Queensberry, it’s crucial that we are never seen to be standing still, we’re always evolving and looking to see how we can do things better. That is true whether it’s curating better places across the country, or whether it’s our own in-house projects which are so important for how partners past, present and future see us.”

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