Our Rules

If you're a fan of boxing, or simply an admirer of fair play, then you may know that the 'Queensberry Rules' are the guiding principles of the sport. In popular culture, people talk about these rules representing the values of sportsmanship. Appreciating their significance, we have come up with our very own version that epitomises what we believe in and how we wish our business to be done.

Rule #1
Design First

Complex urban environments require a creative design-led approach because stronger communities will be the future lifeblood of our society. Beauty, speed and efficiency is a deadly combination and will always win in the long term.

Rule #2
Commitment To Community

With every project, we commit wholeheartedly to our social responsibility. Engaging and collaborating with regional organisations and local residents ensures sustainable economic regeneration can be achieved.

Rule #3
Holistic Approach

Every individual team member knows their role but more importantly they understand how it interacts with the skillsets of their colleagues. This is our secret weapon. With open knowledge channels, our business and projects evolve with informed and inspired decisions guiding them to success.

Rule #4
Stay Focused

We're a prize-fighting organisation. We deliver award-winning mixed use developments year after year to out clients and JV Partners with strong returns to our co-investors. We keep focused on our four-step game plan: reliability, competence, openness and trust.

Rule #5

Queensberry is a collective of entrepreneurs and industry experts who understand 'going the distance'. It is our strong sense of commitment and team spirit that drives us to continually deliver the best result possible: the title-winning blow.