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The human nature of Queensberry - by Paul Sargent, Founder

Its been a year since I initiated the idea of Team Member blogs. I thought it would be enlightening for individuals to share their personal perspective on what is important to them day to day in their professional life. The aim was simple; to encourage individual personalities to shine through. Today its my turn.

My desire has always been to foster a group of individuals into an effective team with a common goal whilst having fun in the workplace and achieving personal fulfilment. This is not some recently adopted philosophy influenced by Lockdown or “well-being in the workplace” trends. For me this is a common sense approach that enhances productivity and career longevity. It must be intuitive and not acquired. It’s a challenging journey but I believe we are making great progress.

So, I’m not here to give you the normal corporate cocktail of market analysis and strategic objectives but a more intimate perspective – the human nature of Queensberry.

As the company's Founder I must acknowledge my perspective will always differ from that of the rest of my Team. That may sound somewhat arrogant but it’s a good thing and let me explain why. As a group we share the same experiences, we share common goals and we feel there is something special about Queensberry – what it has achieved and where it is going – but my feelings run much deeper. A paternal instinct kicks in for me.

I want the best for Queensberry. I want it to be the most successful operator in its sector, I want it to grow, prosper and be respected. I want the people who work here to feel special and cared for.

I am a father, a grandfather (twice over already!) and a business owner. I approach each of these roles with equal amounts of energy and dedication. “Strange!” I hear you say, “not much of a parent in that case”, I hear you say. But before judging me, let me explain further. I adore my children and my grandchildren. I would do anything for them. They make my life worth living and define me as an individual. I have accompanied every meaningful moment of their lives so far and I help to shape their growth. Now that feels strangely familiar.

When I look at Queensberry I see much more than an entity. I see a specific group of individuals, each one with their own personal responsibilities and family to care for. Each one of them wanting to build and maintain a secure and happy lifestyle. Therefore, why would I treat Queensberry any differently? It requires precisely the same paternal nurturing. Leadership by example, ongoing education, difficult but honest and frank conversations, encouragement and reward. It’s so important to me that we all work together as a family. It makes us stronger and sets us apart.

It brings me great satisfaction doing what I do but it is because Queensberry has its own personality (the individuals that work for it) with human emotions. It thrives when it is well cared for and would no doubt falter if neglected. That is the reason why it will always have my continuous care and attention beyond the balance sheet.

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