The Glass Works


“This is the beating heart of the ‘Better Barnsley’ vision. Financed by the Council to champion further economic growth it gives locals a new place to reconnect and socialise. Retaining Barnsley Markets, with 100 stalls, at its core characterizes our community focused approach. The integrated new Library@Lightbox is a star of this exemplar regeneration complimenting a large outdoor events space, retail and leisure.”


  • Client: Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Role: Development manager
  • Uses: Leisure, retail, restaurants, indoor market, food hall, library and public event space
  • Architect: IBI Group
  • Size: 500,000 sq ft
  • Status: Operating Asset


  • Master plan review
  • Feasibility analysis and business case
  • Funding strategy
  • Development team management
  • Development programming
  • Ongoing design development
  • Risk management
  • Construction delivery
  • Leasing coordination
  • Marketing and communications strategy
  • Management set up strategy

Project Impact


Barnsley Council investment


local project team


photovoltaic cells for on-site electricity generation


increased consumer spend per annum