Kingsway Centre


“Buying this shopping centre while developing neighbouring Friars Walk made perfect sense. It further underwrites our commitment to the city and its wider regeneration aspirations. We have reshaped and improved this ‘value focused’ retail space and retained important jobs in the city centre by extending DWP’s office lease. Soon converted space will provide 52 affordable apartments so people may also choose to live here.”


  • Client: Kingsway Investments LLP
  • Role: Owner, developer and asset manager
  • Uses: Offices, retail, residential and restaurants/cafes
  • Architect: TconcepT, Colman Architects
  • Size: 250,000 sq ft
  • Status: Operating Asset (purchased 2014)


  • Asset management
  • Lease renewals and restructuring.
  • Protecting the long-term value of the property through asset management initiatives
  • Partial disposals of individual parts of the building
  • Leasing coordination
  • Branding, marketing and PR