Friars Walk

Newport, South Wales

“Between 2011 and 2015 we played a key role in the reimagining and master planning of Newport city centre. A strategic partnership with Newport City Council and an innovative public sector funding solution enabled us to reinvigorate the High street, restore civic pride and elevate Newport’s place in national retail rankings by nearly 100 places.”


  • Client: Newport City Council
  • Role: Developer
  • Uses: Retail, leisure, restaurants and new civic square
  • Architect: TconcepT, Leslie Jones Architecture
  • Size: 390,000 sq ft
  • Status: Operating Asset since 2015
  • Estimated GDV: £100m


  • Development concept, feasibility analysis
  • Development team assembly and management
  • Development programming
  • Ongoing design development
  • Funding strategy
  • Risk management
  • Construction procurement and delivery
  • Cost management
  • Curation of tenant mix and leasing
  • Branding, marketing and PR
  • Property management
  • Asset management

Project Impact


visitors per annum


additional local economic activity


per annum of retail sales


permanent jobs created