We are a team of 12 quiet revolutionaries who create and implement changes that radically transform urban environments for the better on a social and economic level.


As communities grow, there is a continuous need to re-think, reimagine and regenerate the places where we live and work. That’s where we come in.


A collective of motivated, like-minded individuals obsessed with high quality design, we’re fiercely committed to improving people’s lifestyle and wellbeing by building better places.


Our skill sets have been honed over 30 years in the property sector. We are a dynamic team of development and asset managers that think and act like a Developer.


We’re so proud of our retail development heritage but we have purposefully strived to gain experience and expertise in multiple sectors to support our clients. We now master an understanding of workspace, education, healthcare, culture, food and beverage and residential in addition to retail and leisure.


Our game-changing projects have resulted in sustainable social and economic regeneration that has benefited thousands of people across the country.

Our Advisors

Sally Pinkerton

Strategic Advisor

John Mothersole

Public Sector Advisor

Our Consultants

Iain Guest

Property Management

Willem Joost De Vries

Architectural Conscience

Our Boxer

Caoimhin Agyarko