February’s Blog written by Victoria Holloway, Marketing Director at Queensberry

2021 marks my 7th anniversary with Queensberry and a lot has changed during that time. I first met Paul when I was working on the regeneration of Newport city centre back in 2013. Queensberry had been appointed to develop Friars Walk shopping centre and he persuaded me to come and work with him on this project. My role quickly grew as Queensberry got more involved in regeneration schemes throughout the UK. I now head up the project marketing for the company as well as managing Queensberry’s corporate marketing, communications and image.

Queensberry has really evolved as a company, transitioning from a retail focused trader developer to an accomplished mixed use development manager. We have a varied portfolio of work spanning, work space, retail, food and beverage, leisure, hotel, residential and medical and educational facilities. It’s this variety that I love. Each project is different, with its own set of challenges. It’s the same with our clients, they are all so varied in their approach and objectives. Some days I’m writing strategy documents, other days I’m working on presentations, events and social media content. I’m still learning every day.

This year we’ll be completing The Glass Works in Barnsley . It’s a project close to my heart which I’ve been working on this since 2014. It has been built and opened in phases, with the most significant part opening its doors to the public this autumn. It’s a fantastic project to work on with a proactive local authority investing significantly in the town centre. I’m really proud to have played a part in the marketing of this scheme with new shops, state of the art library, a refurbished market and new food hall as well as a Cineworld cinema and a new Superbowl UK

Remaining positive and motivated is essential during lockdown, especially as we work from home. You learn a lot about yourself. I’m passionate about exercise and start every day with a long walk since an injury stopped me running. I’ve discovered podcasts, I’m enjoying cooking, daily meditation and I’ve taken up reading again. I definitely won’t be missing home schooling and have a new found respect for teachers.