Caoimhin Agyarko has won his 12th fight in a row taking the WBA International Super Welterweight title on Saturday 9th July at the London O2 arena. The win against Poland’s Luckasz Maciec marks a new phase in Caoimhin’s career building on his previous successful performances. It was an impressive win with explosive punching at times. The fight lasted the full 10 rounds but the judges were unanimous in making Caoimhin the winner.

Paul Sargent, Chief Executive of Queensberry said:

“I’m extremely proud of Caoimhin and his achievements, he never seems phased and rises to the occasion every time. Initially I questioned him on the move to a lighter weight category when he first told me. As usual Caoimhin was balanced and calculated in his response. He pointed out he had already reached world ranked no 10 in 11 fights as a Middleweight and needed more challenges and experience. Moving to Light Middleweight means more fight opportunities, new opponents, more belts and the physical and mental requirement to adapt and evolve as a fighter. Eddie Hearn was immediately supportive, as too were his management team, so he simply decided to do it. That’s the great thing about Caoimhin.

With 2 belts in 2 different categories already I’m excited to see what he can do next.”