Queensberry’s sponsored boxer, Caoimhin Agyarko, took his latest challenge in his stride and looked like a middleweight title contender on the rise as he continued his winning streak after an impressive clash against Robbie Chapman at the BT Studios on Friday night. This was the champion’s 8th victory in a row, 8(4), beating Chapman in the 33rd second of the 7th round with a TKO.

Paul Sargent, Chief Executive, Queensberry commented:

“Never in doubt. Caoimhin rose to the occasion as always and it was good to see him on primetime Sport TV again. He worked his way into this fight, not over hitting in the early rounds as he has tended to do. It was a very mature performance backed up by David Hayes post fight commentary. He seemed in control and relaxed and then came the seventh round. In less than half a minute he attacked and demolished his opponent with an onslaught of left and right punches. There was nowhere for Chapman to hide.”

Caoimhin Agyarko added:

“It was great to fight Robbie, a tough opponent who came to win. I took my time this evening and picked the body shots well and got to him in the end. I only had two weeks to prepare for this fight but I’m really fit at the moment and ready for my next fight as soon as it is possible.”